"He currently has an identity crisis with that other Nightwing that confuses the hell out of me as to who it is."

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Okay, folks had been piling on Wizard Magazine recently, and I don’t mean to add to the sturm und drang now that it’s been mostly sturmed ‘n’ drung, but I was flipping through the latest issue on Saturday and noticed a couple things:

1. From the Frank Cho/Brian Bendis interview regarding the forthcoming Mighty Avengers series:

“With Ms. Marvel and the [other Avengers] so ingrained in the Avengers mythos, will we see the differing views that fueled Civil War completely disappear, or will an animosity still linger?”

“CHO: Look at it this way; I have family members I don’t talk religion or politics with. I love them, but there are certain topics that we are completely opposite on. they believe what they think is right, and I believe what I think is right, but we still get along.”

So, that’s a post-Civil War spoiler, in that the end result of this conflict will be Avengers members being slightly more grumpy at each other in the team lounge.

2. I’ve mentioned that Wizard has sort of undermined its own raison d’etre by emasculating its price guide, containing only partial issue listings for the titles present in that guide. For example, the listing for Marvel’s Conan the Barbarian has prices for 1, 2, 3, 14, 15, 23, 24, and 275. Issue #50? Who knows? The primary value of Wizard is now as a supplement to the Overstreet guide, indicating current trends that the yearly Overstreet can’t keep up with.

Most of the titles listed are ones of current interest or otherwise “hot,” but there was a couple that stood out. Gatecrasher and Just A Pilgrim are both included, with full listings of every issue, even though I’m fairly certain there’s little or no interest in these two series anywhere (even with Garth Ennis as writer on the latter). So why are they listed?

They’re published by Black Bull, which is (or was, I guess) Wizard‘s comic book publishing branch.


To its credit, Wizard didn’t list the prices as $150 apiece with “RARE! HOT!” notations on them, which is exactly what I would have done in its position, because I’m a jerk.

(DISCLAIMER: I haven’t been able to keep up with a number of the recent comicsweblogosphere brouhahas in relation to Wizard, that Frank Cho interview, and so on, other than being aware that they exist, so I have no idea if I’m repeating points other folks have made. I’m a bad weblogger.)

Oh, this could be very offensive…I apologize in advance:

“I’d rather Dick did it with a dude than Babs Gordon”

“Hopefully, they NEVER EVER EVER get back together. I can’t stand her, and they make a horrible couple anyway.

“Their whole relationship consists of quippy back and fourth remarks about nonsense. Wow, what a deep connection. They seem more like brother and sister than anything. So the romantic crap between them always seems like forced writing. I’d rather Dick bang a guy (as long as it’s just about sex) than some chick who’s like a sister to him.

“Did I mention I hate Barbara?
One time she called him ‘twentysomething wonder’ and I found myself wishing the Joker had been a little more lethal with that bullet.

“Animated Series Barbara is okay. Better than the comics version anyway.
But then, animated Dick Grayson isn’t as cool as comics Dick Grayson. See, it’s just not meant to be.”

Apparently this poster has a…history:

“You keep mentioning various BatFamily characters and gay sex. Are you gay?”

“So you’re okay with man-on-man sex, but a deep emotional bond between two men creeps you out? Whatever, I’m not criticizing but I usually see it in reverse on these boards. Or is it sex with a handicapable person that bothers you?”

The original poster responds:

“No, a deep emotional bond between two men is great.

“But I don’t see Nightwing as a homosexual. So I think he could have sex with other guys for fun, be close to them as a friend even, but he’d always go back to women.

As for Barbara, being in a chair has nothing to do with it. Has she ever used the word ‘handicapable’ before, or did you get that from somewhere else?
Because if she has said that, well, it’s another reason to hate her.
They should do a story where it’s revealed she’s been faking her handicap for years. The reason can be mental illness.”

And it just goes downhill after that:

“Dick could never be gay. Too many gay jokes. I mean he’d be a male underwear model who wears spandex by night and used to be a short-shorts wearing boy who lived in a cave with a grown man. Oh, yeah, also his name is DICK!”

“They should put Dick in a wheelchair too. Then they can have handicapped sex. :D”

“What the f*ck is your issue? You must just hate handicapped people.”

Again, from the original poster, and I’m hoping he was trying to be funny:

“Yes, it’s just Barbara I hate. I found the handicapped girl on Degrassi Junior High rather delightful. Her name escapes me, but she probably likes being referred to as ‘that girl in the wheelchair’ anyway.”

Back to the other commenters:

“I’d rather Dick did it with a dude too, work out all those long represed bat-fantasies. Babs deserves better anyway. :)”

“It’s obvious that you have REALLY STRONG FEELINGS about guys having sex with other guys for fun but always going back to women – are you doing this with guys?”

“I find that it’s really horrible to talk so crudely about one of DC’s first heroines. She was the only heroine back then in Detective Comics save SuperGirl and WonderWoman. I honestly think that relationships create a lot of unnecessary animosity. Just because one doesn’t like the couple doesn’t mean one bashes the other person their favorite character is with. I admit I really, really don’t want Black Panther with Storm, but I don’t make demeaning jokes about him.
As for Dick’s romantic love/sex/dating life, I really think that he should just back off of any relationship, may it be with a woman or man. His life is too f**ked up already, considering the list of problems he has:”

And then there’s a list of 17 points…well, 16, actually, since #17 is “The list goes on and on…” Other points include the following:

“3. People might sue him and take his remaining money because of the casualties of the Circus going down.”

“5. Jason Todd is back. That speaks for itself.”

“7. His Outsiders team kind of to almost completely sucks.”

“11. Batman’s still being a big b***h about him having to be under his shadow or some bull like that.”

“12. He currently has an identity crisis with that other Nightwing that confuses the hell out of me as to who it is.”

To wrap up:

“find Kory a WAY more interesting character and her relationship with Dick far more fascinating because of how different they are. Dick and Kory are like thinking outside the box. Dick and Babs are that couple trapped in a boring little box. Whoever he ends up with, I just would definitely not want it to be Babs !”

You know, my posts were a lot shorter early on. I’m sure most of you miss those days.

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