No, this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever posted about.

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So when we received the Kingdom Come Norman McCay/Spectre action figure two-pack on Wednesday, I half-jokingly commented “Hey, I wonder if the Spectre figure is naked, ha ha.” Since, as you may recall, the Spectre in the Kingdom Come mini-series was naked, save for his strategically-billowing cape. And, aside from that remark, I didn’t think about it again…

…for about five minutes, when I received the first of many, many inquiries from customers wondering the exact same thing about that figure. I have no idea how to answer them. The figure’s cape looks like it’s molded in such a way that it’s permanently shut in the front of the figure, but I’m assuming that the cape isn’t a big solid piece of green plastic from about the waist down. You’re gonna be able to peek under it.

I’m guessing he’s either got some green trunks on, or he is indeed going ghost commando, and either way, you’re just gonna have to deal with it, baby.

We’ve sold a couple of the sets, and it did briefly, very briefly, cross my mind to ask the customers they could pop open the box for me. Then I realized that I’d be asking a customer if could see if the action figure they just purchased was naked, no, really, I’ve had other customers asking me this, honest…and I decided that my customers already have a low enough opinion of me, there’s no reason to pile on.

I also considered doing a search on Google, but considering the recent brouhaha AOL found itself in, I don’t want a search for “naked spectre action figure” getting traced back to me. Look, I’ve already Googled “Aqualad slash” for you people…I’ve got to draw the line somewhere.

So, um, if any of you do have this figure set…er, could you, you know…drop a line or something and answer my question? My customers’ questions, I mean. Yeah, my customers.

The other thing about this figure set is that if you buy it, you’re gonna have an action figure of Alex Ross‘ dad, who modeled the character of McCay for his son. An action figure based on the artist’s pop, packaged with a naked ghost. I just don’t have enough caffeine in my system to deal with this some mornings.

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