The treasure trove that is Wonder Woman #127 (Jan. 1962)

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The lead story involves some meddling aliens or some darn thing, but really it’s just an excuse to show lots of girls piled up on top of each other. There’s phone booth stuffing, there’s “bed-racing,” which eventually results in this scene:

And then there’s the famous “transparent medicine ball” stunt as seen in this panel, which will soon be featured on my new website “” — “woo-woo” indeed:

The second story is “Wonder Woman’s Surprise Honeymoon,” in which Wondy’s longtime paramour Steve Trevor is knocked out and, while unconscious, dreams of married life with the Amazon.

He imagines that he’ll find Wonder Woman’s fame a tad frustrating:

More problems arise in Steve’s rich, and not at all sexist, fantasy life:

Eventually Steve comes to, and learns the hard way that men probably should keep this sort of thing to themselves:

To wrap up, here’s a final word from Wonder Woman on this issue’s letters page:

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