Well, of course he’d win!

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Inspired by a comment made on this site a couple months ago, The Bitter Guy puts this all-important question to a vote:

“Hoo’d Win!? Metallo with a heart of White Kryptonite,or Swamp Thing?”

I believe the voting results will surprise you. Or maybe not.

So pal Dorian and I were talking on Saturday about the online fanguish over the demise of a particular character in the latest issue of 52, and, um, all those people do realize this is most likely a big fake-out, right? That the character isn’t gone for good, that (as Dor noted) there was a whole lot of effort establishing that the “time line” had gone wrong, and that the character in question was somehow responsible, and as that storyline plays out, we’ll probably see that character’s return and/or possible redemption?

I mean, that’s where it looks like it’s going to me.

“Holy windfall, Batman!”

“Tom Crippen knew he faced a daunting task after the death of his father, an inveterate pack rat who never threw anything out. It wasn’t just the stockpiles of old opera programs, paper clips, Christmas cards, baseball caps, paperbacks or souvenir coffee mugs.

“Mainly, it was the awesome collection of 11,000 comics that had colonized the family garage and basement.”


“The cache of vintage comics, many of them rare and in immaculate condition, were evaluated at $2.5-million (U.S.).”


“Unfortunately, this comic-book story does have a dark subplot. While he was poring over his father’s comics, Tom Crippen noticed that, in such a methodical collection, vast numbers of copies were missing.”


“…Some of the comics were traced to a New York dealer who said he’d bought them in the early nineties from a man who’d entered his store. The Crippen family discovered that the seller’s name was that of a contractor who’d been doing extensive renovations at the Crippen home at that time.”

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