Friday misc.

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1. I’ve been a little behind on keeping up with the comicsweblogosphere lately, which is how I missed the Random Panels “Bat Blank” challenge, in which contributors were encouraged to supply their own dialogue…well, just go look. Anyway, I inadvertently copy-catted this by throwing out my own user-friendly blank image in my last post. Random Panel’s Brandon was a good enough sport, however, to post his version of Tom’s case-book.

2. Neal Adams is making a return visit to the Coast to Coast AM radio show Saturday night to talk about his, shall we say, unconventional scientific theories. As I noted regarding his last appearance, I don’t buy any of these theories in the slightest, but Adams does make for good radio.

3. I haven’t yet watched this video ‘blog of a fellow ripping into Wizard Magazine…I’d rather read a weblog entry at my own pace than watch an entry at someone else’s…but it’s apparently the hot topic of discussion at the moment.

For more Wizard critique, several months ago pal Dorian posted one of his own that I recommend.

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