I don’t know where the closing parenthesis went either.

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Pal Dorian reads more weblogs than should be healthy, generates nice installment of Blog@Newsarama’s Meanwhile column. “Meanwhile…now with more gay!” Fantastic.

” A Cap/Superman super strength question (intelligent folk only!”

“Hi, I’ve got a super strength question that’s kind’ve bugging me. This isn’t the usual fan-boy, junk about who is stronger/who’d win Cap or Supes ?

“No, my question is this. Despite the fact that Clark Kent an unlimited energy source (the sun), he cannot seem to be able to bash any supernatural/magical creature around! Yet, they can smack him back and Clark will feel it just like you or I would! Dracula , or any vampire, seems able to beat up on Clark , and even mesmerize him. Yet, these vamps are nowhere near his strength/power level.

“Now on the other hand, Capt. Marvel & the Marvel Family can beat the tar out of any such creature! Does this mean Cap’s powers are greater than Supes– or just different? Are the blessings of ancient, pagan gods more powerful than an unlimited energy source? Does anyone know?”

I was just going to leave it at that, since I didn’t think there was going to be any discussion in that particular thread that would be better than the set-up.

But I was wrong. Oh, so wrong.

Ladies and gents, some comic book free verse:

“Wonder no longer.

As mentioned above—

in SUPERMAN-102—
Supes and da Cheese (altho in personality, dialogue, etc–more BB, SUPERKID ((‘BIG’ in spandex)) than CM—-

HAMMERED each other–

all out–
no holds barred—
no quarter given—

to a DRAW–
indicating that they ARE EQUALS!

Complicating things—
CM HAS KAYOED SUPES a couple of times—
with surprise, unexpected-by-Supes, sucker-punches, TRUE—

but still—
knock outs—
(and a knock-out by any other name–
is STILL a knock out)—
putting Supes in dreamland for 10 minutes or more.

In addition—
Supes himself ADMITTED that in an all-out slugfest–
Cap, due to his magical power sources—

As for ME–
as one of the VERY FEW readers posting on these boards—

who has enjoyed—
BOTH characters since their BEGINNINGS in the GA—

I like to view them as COMPLEMENTARY EQUALS—-
EACH being better–
more powerful than the other—
in SPECIFIC instances–
depending on circumstances, outside influences-conditions,
plot commplications, etc.

yeah—THAT’S the ticket—
Which SHOULD BE SATISFACTORY to ALL intelligent, logical, unbiased fans of BOTH.”

It’s…it’s beautiful….

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