"i belive that a human would be able to do unnatural things on a planet with a red sun."

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“Would we possess powers under a red sun?”

“Kryptonians are god-like under a yellow sun, could it work in reverse for us?”

“im watching the science of superman on national geographic, that is a big no.”

“I’d i imagine it’s because we don’t have have the ability to absorb solar energy. Shine a red light on your self and see if you get any stronger.”

“This is seriously a dumb question. The obvious answer is no coz we can absorb some of the solar rays but not the energy.”

“I know I’ve seen our sun turning red sometimes but not officially red. Where is the real one and How can I reach it?”

“…The way our cells are, there is no way we can absorb solar ENERGY n use it for our own purposes. If it were so, then why do we need to eat when we cud absorb a lot of energy like supes does(altho he eats for the fun of it i think)?
N goin near a red sun is seriously a dumb thing to do, coz ur life will be cut short by supernova or something after the sun fails.”

“If Superman, under one yellow sun, has amazing powers, does that mean if there were 2 yellow suns, like on Star Wars Tattonine, would he have double his amazing powers? What more powers could he possibly have?”

“He could possibly be more omnipotent, it is debatable. But some would argue that two suns would charge his atoms so much that they would explode.”

“i belive that a human would be able to do unnatural things on a planet with a red sun. i dont know if youd get supermans powers, but i think youd get something.”

“The higher gravity on a red sun palnet would make humans very weak. If you could lift a 100 pounds here than there maybe you could only lift one.”

“Red suns have little to nothing to do with Superman’s powers, other than feed him. The lower red sun may have something to do with sight, but we’d be next to crippled (visually) in an atmosphere with lower light levels than that we are accustomed to. We would, indeed, be the Daredevils of Krypton”

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  • Klint says:

    First of all you should ask:Can we even survive a red sun?Do you people know that if earth approaches like 1 km closer to our sun we would be burned alive?Red stars are classified as M class and are thought to be the coolest of all stars.What would happen to earth if our sun gets replaced with a red one with the same diameter?Earth would freeze.And even if we found the perfect size weight and temperature we still should be concerned about how our planet or sun planets would orbit a red sun.Its like asking if a human can live underwater without breathing and then making a lot of hypothesis on the secrets god left us with.The answer is.NO,we cant live under a red star and not only a red star but even another yellow blue white or dwarf.Would we posses powers if we had the perfect match of temperature,gravity size etc.etc.?NO we wouldn’t.We would die of skin cancer even before we got to see the red sun.HUMANS WERE CREATED TO LIVE IN EARTH,ITS LIKE A FISH LIVING IN THE SEA AND A SEA FISH CANT LIVE IN A LAKE.ITS EVEN WORSE IF U WANT TO THINK THAT THE FISH CAN LIVE WITHOUT WATER.WE WERE MADE LIKE THIS,WE HAVE POWERS A LOT.