What’s cookin’?

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from an unknown coverless comic, published circa 1950

A few notes from around the comicsweblogosphere:

Some folks had additional thoughts relating to the topic of dropping comics I discussed a few days ago. Go see what Calvin and Daniel have to say.

Here’s a comics weblog I hadn’t seen before, compiling links to comic book articles and reviews in the mainstream media. Through it I found this article griping about the superhero invasion of popular culture.

Ever since spotting the book in the last Previews catalog, I’ve kept meaning to mention the forthcoming collection of Rick Veitch’s Abraxas and the Earthman here, but it took Johnny Bacardi pointing to an eight-page preview to remind me to do so. This story, serialized in Epic Illustrated, is what originally made me a Veitch fan, and I’m glad to see it finally get collected under one cover. In full, glorious color, no less.

Congrats to Dave for a fine four years of weblogging. Well done, old man.

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