San Diego.

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The big, BIG news from the San Diego Comic Con is, of course, this:

“We’ll also see ‘The Un-Men,’ an ongoing book about deformed creatures created by Anton Arcane to fight the legendary Swamp Thing. It’s going to be a ‘real good horror book’ said [newly-promoted Senior Vice President/Executive Editor for Vertigo Karen] Berger, and said there will be a good crime mystery angle to it. John Whalen writes and Mike Hawthorne illustrates the series.”

Good…it’ll be more explicitly a Swamp Thing tie-in than this series on a similar topic. (Stiil want my Swamp Thing versus the Legion of Superheroes story, though.)

I usually don’t dip into the Newsarama forums for documenting fan behavior, but there were some nice turns of phrase in this thread. Here are a bunch of Newsaramarians reacting to a story about comics writer Robert Kirkman giving Todd McFarlane some grief at a con panel:

“In your face McFarlane! In your comic-ruining face!”

“I wasn’t aware TMP was still in business, by the way…? I thought they went bankrupt last year? What are they doing hosting panels?”

“Robert, you just made my day. Way to fight the good fight!”

“Haha, McFarlane got grilled. His toys suck. I did like his art on Spidey. Jim Lee did better with X-Men though.”

“Am I the only one who sees this as a planned event to promote and get some buzz on a future project by Kirkman and McFarlane?”

“And The Walking Dead and Invincible will be published by Marvel’s Icon line in 3…2…1…”

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