"…Our main lady, whom I will call, Diana…."

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Too hot and tired to do a proper post, so it’s back to the DC Forums for more fun:


“To Whom It May Concern:

“This is a sincere open letter from the fans of Wonder Woman to The Powers That Be at DC Comics.

“We are a stubborn lot and have seen our main lady, whom I will call, Diana, through thick and thin. We have jumped on during hot new relaunches and enjoyed many varying ‘takes’ on the character and her supporting cast.

“Out of the blue, a new ‘take’ was announced months ago that took Diana out of the main protagonist role, in her own book. Suspense builds. I am a fan, have been for years. But a hyped launch of an unnecessary thrid volume has now been propagated by alot of negative situations:

“1. Main Author Allan Heinberg’s chronic late scripts
2. Gorgeous Artwork of the Dodsons… delayed (yet fresh and detailed).
3. Donna Troy, as Wonder Woman in our main, 65 year old protagonists place?
4. The second issue of this ‘re-launch’ that was forced on us is now delayed by one month?! To August 9th?

“Printing the comic for the first time in 7+ years on miraweb paper again can only bring in so much in satisfaction and sales.

“People will rarely remember what someone says, but we remember actions, failure to follow through and how someone or something makes us feel. This is not intended to be about harnessing negativity but alerting DC to the failure to back up what it hypes and its gross and unnecessary negligence in the relaunch on a cultural icon.

“The main entity responsible for coordinating art and writing and delivery is the editor. Wonder Woman sales were on the rise prior to her re-launch and now we are forced to endure yet another delay? With no editorial explanation. That denotes poor planning, a lack of customer empathy and failure to provide not even an ideal but cursory customer experience.

“A ‘training’ opportunity for the new Wonder Woman editor is not sufficient. Effective immediately, we ask for someone at DC who cares about its readers, its loyal and new customers, to curtail this disaster… We ask for the termination of the current editor. We ask that the editor be replaced with someone who can provide quality and reliability in the delivery of an ideal reading experience that centers on Diana, the One True Wonder Woman.

Very Truly Yours:”

I’m not entirely unsympathetic to the concerns with lateness (it’s a problem for retailers too, you know), but that whole “petition” is so couched in the language of fan-entitlement (“You’re not doing Wonder Woman the same way I’d do it!”) that it’s effectively a useless gesture. Not that internet petitions have a lot of use anyway.

Another message boarder has his back:

“Why do WW fans get accused of overreacting even in the face of overwhelming evidence that their favorite character continuously gets shafted?

“What qualifies as a reason to get mad to some of you guys?

“WW is supposedly one of the big three (more like big joke) but only has one title.

“WW has barely been seen in the past few months and after being promised high heaven only appears in one page of her own relaunch.

“This is not a character with the luxury of countless titles.

“What manner of incompetent even thought that a year of barely publishing WW was the definition of making ‘Wonder Woman as important as both Superman and Batman in the DCU and the eyes of readers.’

“I for one am overwhelmingly dissappointed at Heinberg’s first attempt and most definitely promise to drop this title for the rest of the year if one more issue is published off schedule.

“No way I am putting up with this nonsense and neither should the rest of you.”

Ah, the schadenfreude of fanguish.

As long as I’m on the topic of Wonder Woman (with a little something extra for #1 Wildcat fan pal Dorian):

“Wonder woman ambiguos sexuality”

“In the amazons myth, these brave woman are portrated as fierce warriors but also as heterosexual(totally different fron the Saffo myth), but for some reason WW has never ‘go all the way’ with anybody…some flirt with supes, same thing with bats…but so far not a single real sexual couple…why the guys at DC can show a sexual explicit scene between nightwing and cory and not do the same with Diana??”

“Because DC has this […] thing going on with Wondy where they put her on this untouchable pedestal unable to have sexual contact with anyone. Which might be smart PR; everyone freaked out when Hippolyte had sex with Wildcat….”

“As for the Wildcat thing, that was just silly. Not believable at all. The writer’s fantasy, not the character’s. A lot of people would have cheered a Polly/Speed Saunders romance. But Wildcat??? Hippolyta with a man’s man lady killer was sexism. She needed a lover who better suited her character.”

“Oddly enough, I think that Polly was well suited to Wildcat. […] Wildcat is many things but a ‘woman, kitchen now’ sort of guy he’s not”

“Comics never show every minute of someone’s life…. […] I’ve never seen Diana have sex, or talk about a sex-life, so she must be a virgin? This kind of logic is hysterical.”

“…If they never showed Diana having sex, then she probably is still a virgin. No, they don’t show every minute of a character’s life, but something as significant as Diana losing her virginity would be (well) documented.”

I don’t even want to picture the Wonder Woman comic that’s in that last person’s head.

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