My Man at San Diego.

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Kid Chris gave me a call from the audience of the San Diego Con blogger panel just as it was starting…no, not to tell me that he was going to peg everyone with pies, but to say that, um, there weren’t a whole lot of people in the audience for it.

Well, you know, if they’d spice it up a bit, like with a breakdancing competition, or a blogger disco strip-off, then you’d have a panel.

Anyway, KC called again after the panel’s conclusion to let me know that a few more people did end up showing up for it, and reported that 1) folks were sorta ganging up on nice guys Tom Spurgeon and Chris Butcher, 2) when the audience was asked “Hey, who out there is also a blogger?” pretty much everyone raised their hands, to no one’s surprise, and 3) someone was nice enough to namedrop (“in a good way,” Chris says) my site during the proceedings.

And that’s all I got out of my on-the-scene reporter before he went to the Battlestar Galactica panel. The lucky bastard.

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