"Comic Shops are a dieing bread"

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“What do you GUYS think…?”

“I’m sick of being the only chic on the comic Book Forums… so, why do you guys think girls aren’t into comics. There is no excuse why I should be the only one on KMC. I need a reason!”

“Who knows? Maybe because people think of comics as being silly and for children Then I just give them a copy of Watchmen and watch their jaws drop”

“Is it me or are qirls becominq frequently more attracted to nerd, qeek, non jock/frat type quy. I have noticed this to be popular occurence here at university. Is this just an isolated incidentl or unique to hiqher education, or is this a qlobal fad on the rise. I wanna hear from our females on this one.”

“90 % of the chicks in my school are too dumb to even think of reading a comic. Either that or they are to drunk”

“I’m just not sure a lot of books are written with the interests of girls in mind. This doesnt mean that they can’t enjoy them, it just means that the Marvel’s and DC’s of the world know where their cake comes from. There are just some elements of the conflict, the body images and small things like that which have been specifically designed to attract males for profit.”

“Oh, oh, i have met an butt load of chicks who like comics at my local comic shop.”

“More people would read comics if comic shops werent so…. A.) Dirty B.) Nerdy: Seriously some of the shops I go to even creep me out with the geekiness C.) Hard to find: Seriously Comic Shops are a dieing bread”

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