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1. Regarding the whole “comics for your girlfriend” thing…my girlfriend’s favorite comic book character is Spider-Man, and follows all 38 monthly titles he appears in (though she’s a tad behind). She’s also enjoying the Justice series from DC.

And when she was younger, her favorite comic book was Marvel’s G.I. Joe series.

Just thought I’d mention that.

2. So instead of dumping two hundred million dollars or so into superhero movie series that come out with installments every, oh, say, three or four years or so, why not give twenty million to the guys who do some of the better fanfilms (like Grayson or World’s Finest) and have them produce a superhero movie serial? Weekly or biweekly installments, not more than about ten minutes long, plugged in front of whatever the new release happens to be that week.

Might get some people back into the habit of going to the movies on a regular basis, since studios seem to be complaining that ticket sales are off (though you couldn’t tell by how packed our local theatres usually are).

And hey, these serials probably couldn’t be worse than, say, Elektra. Well, okay, they could, but it’s not likely.

3. If you’re on Emusic, like I know I am, you can now download David J’s V for Vendetta album (created in collaboration with V writer Alan Moore).

4. “It’s unfair that Superman is only a 9-to-5er among all the superheroes”

“Bruce Wayne (Batman) owned Wayne Enterprises and was a rich playboy. He was basically a figurehead in the company and wasn’t exactly running out of board meetings to fight the Joker.

“Peter Parker (Spider-Man) was a free-lance photographer, but took pictures of himself fighting bad guys, so he was killing two birds with one stone. Wonder Woman was unemployed as far as I can tell. The X-Men were supported by rich Dr. Xavier.

“The list goes on, but I’m sure you get the idea. Not a 9-to-5er in the group, except Superman.”

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