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You know, sometimes, you just gotta post about the Winslow. For some reason, I found myself rereading my run of Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire yesterday, and was reminded of just how cool a critter the Winslow was.

What is the Winslow? Well, in Phil Foglio‘s comics, the Winslow is a small, reptilian (yet furry) critter that is 1) immortal, 2) indestructible, 3) the object of worship by approximately 3/4ths of the sentient species in the galaxy, and 4) not very bright (or is he just playing dumb?).

And he’s cute as all get-out, too. He’s the big green fella in the cover to the right, there (taken from Buck Godot #5, which you can get for, coincidentally, a buck…one slim dollar…right here). He’s not to scale in that image, in case you’re wondering.

The primary WWW (Winslow Wide Web) page would be the Slag-Blah Church of the Winslow, which also features the original three-page Winslow debut from 1985.

The Wikipedia entry covers all currently revealed info about the Winslow. (EDIT: Commenter Tom has additional publication history.)

He’s part of the cast listing for the Girl Genius Online webstrip. “He’s everywhere. All hail.”

Buy official Winslow merchandise…baffle your coworkers with the Winslow mug.

This page repeats a lot of the same info on the Winslow as other pages, but does have a swell original image of the critter.

This person is selling a sculpture of the Winslow.

The Winslow pops in at #40 on pal Tom’s “100 Things I Love About Comics” list. That’s higher than Alan Moore on that list, mind you.

I’m not a gamer, so I don’t know much about this Button Men game, but apparently the Winslow piece is “a special die type guaranteed to cause chaos in any tournament. Hi!” I can appreciate that. Plus, if I did know something about the game, this statement:

Someone using Dunkirk with Winslow in place of his Shadow Swing does not have a Shadow Winslow. That’s just too ugly for words.

…would probably make more sense to me.

The secret origin of the Winslow is revealed in this interview with Phil Foglio. Alas, the site and images thereon are Not Safe For Work, but some risks must be taken for the acquirement of knowledge, surely.

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