In which I compare a comic book to a banana….but first….

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…the Killer Movies forum is holding a “bikini contest”

“Who will win in a bikini contest between wonder woman,firestar,starfire,storm,jean grey,rogue,black canary,kitty pride,batgirl and the invisible woman?”

“IW , she can make her bikini dissapear”

“You’re missing someone very important. Where the hell is Psylocke?! She gets my vote, no one else.”

“firestar ive never seen her,jean just dont do it for me,rogue no not either,batgirl that would be pretty rubbish – hole body with a mask on”

“mystique…she can give herself any assets she wants”

“You see Wonder Woman in a bikini thing all the time […] Not like thats a bad thing though”

“I hope nobody voting for storm because she black” [Um…wow.]

“PowerGirl for the win…..And storm comes in second. All that brown skin and white hair. Gotta love the contrast!”

In other news:

Last week Marvel released a reprint of Fantastic Four #52, featuring the first appearance of the Black Panther. This reprint was designed to look like an actual 40-year-old comic, with yellowing pages, original ads, and everything. Only…well, whatever process they used to yellow the pages needs some work, or at least a little more contrast, since the pages are too, too dark. Plus, they’re the color of…okay, did you ever put a banana in the fridge, because, you know, you like the chilled bananas, c’mon, who doesn’t, and forget you left it in there, and you remember like a day or two later, and the banana peels have turned this sickly greenish color, almost artificial looking, and now the banana, instead of being a pleasant cool temperature and extra tasty, perfect for these hot summer days when you’re stuck inside a comic shop rearranging the shelves to maximize space for extra product, now tastes all dried out and yucky.

The pages in the Fantastic Four #52 reprint are sorta the color of that fridge-burned banana…maybe a little darker. It’s pretty off-putting, especially considering how much I like the method of shooting from original printed comics for reprint purposes. Bumping up the brightness and the contrast just a tad would have improved readability, while not compromising the “aged” look of the book, I think.

By the way, if you buy the Snakes on a Plane novelization through this Amazon link (which I first posted in my discussion of the book from a couple days back) and if I’ve set it up correctly, pal Dorian gets a small piece of the action. Make Dorian rich with Snakes on a Plane money!

Also, due to popular demand, I’ve begun revising the “since 1969” rotating quotes at the top of my page, as it’s been a while since the last time I overhauled the quote selection. Left a few old ones, and I’m adding some new ones as time permits. And feel free to suggest a few of your own! (The dirty-sounding one is customer Rob’s fault.)

And now, your “unfortunate banner ad/webpage combo” for the day, spotted on

It’s kinda like those ads for the Electronic Arts Superman video game showing up in recent Marvel publications. I love it when stuff like that happens.

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