Not much to do with comics, but everything to do with greatness.

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Now, you folks do realize that the official novelization for Snakes on a Plane is currently out in stores?

Here’s a peek inside:

Both of those images are totally stolen from the Amazon page for this item…the larger version of the second photo above reveals that the author was also responsible for the novelizations of all three Final Destination flicks.

Nothing but five-star reviews for the book so far. A sample:

“Heart stopping action with snakes, and a plane! This is book had a life changing effect on me. I learned to love mother natures little helpers, but not if they are on a plane. You have to get the mother freakings snakes off the plane.”

Yes, it’s big print/wide margins ahoy (EDIT: I’ve since had a second look, and the margins aren’t as wide as I remembered them being – my mistake!), but the only thing better than living in a world that allows the production of a movie called Snakes on a Plane is a world that allows for a novelization of said movie.

Just out of curiosity, I Googled up my first mention of Snakes on a Plane on this site, which was September 9th of last year. That’s only a couple weeks after this weblog post which the Wikipedia article singles out as one of the prime instigators of Snakes on a Plane-mania. So hopefully this puts me in the category of “early adopter!”

For more info, may I suggest Snakes on a Blog?

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