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“Comic book characters defy stereotypes”

“POW! Take that, racism. And – WHACK! – take that, homophobia. And – THOOM! KER-THWACK! KRUMMMMM! – take that, gender stereotyping, cultural bias and religious intolerance.”

Rundown of racially/sexually diverse characters at Marvel and DC, including the “already vanished without a trace in the U.S.” Spider-Man India.

“Superheroes aren’t gay”

“Superheroes aren’t gay, but guardians of the innocent as well as advocates of peace. They fight to set the wrong things right in the name of justice. They will not stop until evil is rooted out– and all will be good in the world.”

I don’t think this person has really thought through what he was trying to say. I think he was trying to get across that superheroic responsibilities are the primary identifiable characteristic of superheroes, not their sexual preferences. But that contrast I quoted above — “heroes aren’t gay, they’re good people who fight for right” — well, that’s just unfortunate.

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