Happy 4th of July, where applicable.

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Well, this didn’t last long:

In issue #50 of The Spectre (February 1997), John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake introduced a new incarnation of DC’s patriotic superhero Uncle Sam named, appropriately enough, “The Patriot.” You can see him above, in all his giant winged helmet glory.

To the best of my knowledge, his only appearance in this form was in Spectre #50. (EDIT: I was wrong, he appeared a couple more times…check the comments.) Soon enough, Uncle Sam was back to his old American icon self, and if this reversion was ever explained, I must have missed it.

All respect to Ostrander and Mandrake, who were trying to do something different, but really, it’s hard to top this for a superhero concept:


I know I’ve posted it before (a couple years ago, in fact), but I really like this particular sequence from DC Comics Presents #62 with Clark Kent and Uncle Sam, and wanted to share it again.

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