Imagine what he’d have thought had he actually seen the movie.

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“Superman Fans who have NOT seen SR”

“Let’s here it from those superfans who are abstaining from 2.5 hours of torture. […] Count me as one; and I don’t plan to see this thing except on boring Saturday on TV.

“It’s extremely gratifying that this hugely expensive movie is going to get waxed at the box office. It, and WB, totally deserve it.

“For decades now WB (and DC) has been presenting us with horrendous portrayals of Superman which have only been VERY marginally popular. Now they expected the big relaunch of Superman on screen to be gigantic; even though they are offering yet another variant of the NON-SUPERMAN, in this case a ludicrously airbrushed, angsty, tepid chick flick.

“They could get away with doing Superman wrong on the margins; comic books, stupid tv shows. . .but the chickens have come home to roost when they expect this to work on a big audience. The word is out; most Americans (and people overseas) knows this movie for the insulting and manipulative trash that it is and word of mouth isn’t going to carry the day as this baby sinks like the titanic (the ship not the movie).

“Long live Superman, and death to all the imposters who keep blood sucking his name! Here’s to NO SEQUELS to this mentally arrested ‘vision.’ I’d rather wait another 20 years for a real Superman movie, then spend the next decade with the great character wallowing in this crapola.

“The writing was on the wall for this stinker a long time ago.”

A few posts later….

“[Another DC Forum poster], me, and few others had voiced REPEATEDLY well in advancce of movie’s opening and reviews the obvious problems with the movie:

“a) Byran Thinger: a shallow, boring, pretentious director
b) Casting and Costume
c) Total misunderstanding of Superman and his context and thus inabilty to convey power and be exciting
c) Calling it out as a chick flick which feels the need to couch Superman in mindnumbing triteness of boyfriends coming home, live in lovers, lilbastards, high-school romance worse than Anakin and Amidala, superman butchered in a hospital as the great battle, etc

“WB won’t say, but this movie is a disapointment. It cost upward of 300mil; and of course it did relatively okay at the BO; that was guaranteed with a character like Superman. But they don’t like spending all that time and effort for minimal returns.”

“Thinger.” Charming.

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