So I understand there’s a new Superman movie coming out…

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…as evidenced by this auction found on the eBay:

“Superman Returns KFC Limited Variant Bucket”

“This special collectable bucket from Kentucky Fried Chicken displays scenes from the new movie Superman Returns, is a super addition to any Superman fan’s collection. Picture shows the scenes as depicted around the bucket. A variant design which is hard to find.”

I so want to make fun of collecting buckets from Kentucky Fried Chicken, but I, um, sell funnybooks for a living, so “calling the kettle black” and all that.

And there’s a Spider-Man 3 teaser trailer out, and yes, it looks like we’re getting Sandman, the black Venom-esque costume, Harry as the Goblin, and a new expression for Tobey Maguire:

And now, for no good reason whatsoever, a subject near and dear to my heart:

“Meet Any Weird People At a Comic Shop?”

“There’s a Jamaican guy at mine. Seeing as I’m from Nova Scotia, it’s kinda funny.”

“That same day I also had to mediate (i.e. kick out temporarilly!!!) two Green Lantern fans that were arguing(ie yelling at the top of their lungs!!!) over Hal vs Kyle!!!! These guys were regular customers who went a little nuts.”

“I happen to have a CIA Operative, working DEEP undercover (so don’t tell anybody!), shopping at the comic store I frequent.”

“At my neighborhood comic shop there’s this gawky 6’1″ acne-fied sales/stock girl who all at once channels Blossom meets Daria meets Alice the Goon. As if that wasn’t jarring enough, she walks around the comic store in an ILL-fitted Wonder Woman costume and calls herself ‘Diana of Themyscira of Earth 17.’ I kid you not.”

“I’ll always remember the guy who was looking at a D&D calendar featuring some cheesy good-girl art. He licked his lips and, with a natural lisp, said ‘mmm…nith firm breathts…’, and then stroked the painting’s chest area for a moment.”

“I met this weirdo once who liked All-Star Batman and Jason Todd’s return. I had to cover my son’s eyes. Talk about a weird things going on in that guy’s brain.”

“He had a fixation of Hitler openly talked about dying the same way Hitler did. This fellow said he had a complete German uniform for the day he was going to kill himself, I spoke to the owner about him and the owner said that he really didn’t like the guy coming into the shop but he thought the guy was harmless”

“I saw two women in the comic shop at the same time yesterday. That was pretty weird.”

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