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Here are a few straggling questions from the original comments section and the comments section for my initial post of replies.

By the way, if you run a weblog, and you’re a bit under the weather one day, asking your readers to supply questions for you to answer is no way to take a break from the site. Sheesh, that’ll learn me.

Chance: “What are Ace (of the Ambiguously Gay Duo)’s powers?”

According to the Wikipedia entry, Ace has powers on par with Superman’s. Flight, heat vision, tight-fitting costume, the works.

Chris “Lefty” Brown: “1) Mike what new cd is currently making your ears sing, and what we must run out and purchase?

No Business by Negativland.

“2)What’s the best 4 issue miniseries? Six issue? And 12?”

4 ish – The Phantom Zone by Steve Gerber and Gene Colan.

6 ish – The Mighty Magnor by Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier.

12 ish – Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

“3) You get to plot out 12 issues of Swamp Thing. What would be some storyline ideas?”

I don’t know if I have specific ideas, but I’d like to see Swamp Thing merged back into the mainline DC universe. The Moore and Veitch runs cast such a long shadow that everyone who comes on the book is still playing with plot elements from 20 years ago. Besides, I’m a little Vertigoed-out on the character…I think going back in the other direction would be a nice break.

That said…Swamp Thing battles the Swamp Thing of Earth 2, travels into the future to team up with the Legion of Super-Heroes, and then, when he returns to the present, finally has that battle with Hawkman promised at the end of #24 (original series):


“4) Best superhero villian ever. Who would that be?”

Pal Ian: “If there’s one thing you could change about the Direct Market what would it be?”

An end to Diamond’s effective monopoly of the direct market. More competition would mean, hopefully, improved service…and fewer instances of “whoops, forgot to send you your entire order of Batman…we’ll get it to you in the next week or two.”

Chalk: “Who is your favorite super hero/super villain? I’m well aware of your love for Swamp Thing, but we’re talking traditional ‘men and women in tights’, here.”

I mentioned DOOM above as my favorite villain…my favorite superhero is Superman. How unimaginative, I know.

“How about your favorite bloated, company-wide mega crossover (as much as it may seem the two concepts are, as a rule, mutually incompatible)? Worst crossover ever?”

Best is probably Crisis on Infinite Earths, in terms of art (Perez drawing every character ever? Yes, thank you) and in lasting impact. Worst crossover…DC’s Genesis series. So there’s a wave of energy disrupting superpowers, and, um, something happens, and, uh…BIG FAT WHO CARES.

“In your opinion, what is the biggest positive trend perpetrated by the ‘Big Two’ over the past few years? The worst potential blunder?”

Best trend: Cheap reprinting of older material.

Worst: constant restarting and renumbering of series for short term order increases and readership, as well as continual additions of new titles featuring characters and teams already being published.

“Which non-super person genres would you like to see attain greater prominence on the stands?”

I want more pirate comics. I’d especially want one drawn by Sergio Aragones. How cool would that be?

“J*** B****: Great creator or greatest creator?”

Sorry, I don’t talk about that person on my site any more.

High Priest, Church of Klugman: “Is it true you are actually a ‘big cheater pants’?”

According to this site, I am. And it’s on the internet, so it must be true.

“And what size pants do you wear?”

34 waist, 30 length.

Acorn: “Best Vertigo series current and all-time? Best DC and Marvel ongoings?”

Whew, we’re wrapping this up with the big questions.

Best current Vertigo series? Probably Fables, but I’m biased, since myth and folklore stuff is really right up my alley.

All time? Swamp Thing, natch. Well, okay, it wasn’t always under the Vertigo banner. Preacher was, so we’ll go with that one.

Best current DC title? Hmmmm…I could tick everyone off and say All-Star Batman and Robin (some people don’t like it, but they’re oh so wrong), but I think I’ll say the astounding and beautiful All-Star Superman (with ASB&R a close second).

All time? Sugar and Spike. No doubt.

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