A lazy post.

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I left work early on Thursday, as I was under the weather, and spent that afternoon and evening napping, watching the Lost Season One DVD set pal Corey lent me, rereading issues of Three Mouseketeers and Identity Crisis (now there’s a combo), and receiving about two dozen phone calls from telemarketers.

So what I’m saying is that I didn’t spend any time generating content for today on this here website. I’m a bad, bad weblogger.

I’m going to be lazy, then, and turn things over to you, the folks what tune in to my site on a daily basis. If you have a question for me, hopefully related to comic books, the comic industry, or even comic blogging (no “what’s the meaning of life,” “how do you trisect an angle,” or “boxers or briefs”-type questions please), leave it in the comments section and I’ll give you some answers later today.

Ask away!

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