"He seems to thrive on controversy."

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Found on the eBay: “Alan Moore Miracleman 1-4 Near-Mint Vendetta Watchmen – Extreme Controversy Brewing Over Latest Alan Moore Proj”

“Alan Moore is already one of the most controversial writer’s in the Comic Book Industry.He seems to thrive on controversy.With every project he gets more attention due to his controversial actions.Now he is about to outdo himself bigtime!!!

“In August Alan Moore will be publishing a series of beautifully illustrated hardback graphic novels* which will create a ‘huge uproar’ in the comic book Industry and thru-out the publishing world.This latest Alan Moore adventure will create a ‘commotion’ that will reverberate for years!!!

“This huge controversy will be very good for raising the ‘Alan Moore Collector Conscience’ to an all new level!!!

“Prices of Alan Moore collectibles could shoot up quickly!!! Now is the time to invest!!!”

* Referring to the forthcoming release of Lost Girls, don’cha know.

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