More news you can barely use.

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From The Comic Reader #28 (1964):

“SUPERMAN. Look for several parallel world stories in the Superman line. Which ones, I don’t know, since they will all have surprise endings.”

“HAWKMAN. It is reported that Murphy Anderson has done a great job on the Shadow Thief. The title of #5 is ‘Steal, Shadow, Steal.'”

“BATMAN. […] The Nov. DETECTIVE features ‘Hunters of the Elephants’ Graveyard’. When an ‘elephant goddess’ appears to Batman, it may give you the shudders; but the new Batman won’t let you down. […] The cover story of the Nov. Superman will actually show Batman’s eyes through the holes in his mask!”

“THE ATOM #16 features the Mighty Mite against a villain who knows beforehand that he’ll beat our hero! It’s a book-lengther.”

“Popeye is still the king. According to Variety, Popeye is the king of the Cartoons.”

“The following item was written in code, and broken with the Superman code. ‘Coming soon! Three issues of SHOWCASE devoted to the Legion of Super-heroes!'”

For more modern DC Comics news, here are the new solicitations. Not much to say, other than ooh, I like this cover; this Krypto comic looks absolutely fantastic; and while I love the Armored Lex Luthor, this just looks goofy.

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