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Kid Chris popped by the store on Saturday and gifted me with this fine item…a pinback button, made by the Kid his own self, featuring the ray gun from Eightball #23. Fantastic.

Something I was thinking about…given the large amount of news coverage that Marvel’s “surprise revelation” has been receiving lately, we’ve had surprisingly few non-comic fans (or “civilians,” or “mundanes,” or “new customers”) coming in for the comic in question. (And, come to think of it, I haven’t had many inquiries regarding the lesbian Batwoman either.)

I’m not saying Civil War #2 isn’t selling…it’s selling quite well, actually. The only extra sales the publicity seems to be generating is from folks what already buy the funnybooks on a regular basis.

Used to be a time when a comic could have the barest mention in a real world news source, and our phone would ring off the hook for the next day or two from people asking about it. When Rob Liefeld appeared on a late-night talk show to plug the debut of Youngblood #1, the next day we had a line of people stretching down the block, anxiously waiting their chance to snap up this piece of comics history.

Of course, most of those instances were from the period of Batman movie fervor/speculator market/high public awareness of comics, as contrasted with today, where we’re more or less back to “oh, comic books, they still make those?”

Don’t have a point to this, really, beyond “things ain’t like they were back in the old days.” Plus, I wanted to remind some of you that believe it or not, folks once wanted the Youngblood in a bad way.

Things I shouldn’t have to say to the customer running a role playing game at the game store next door:

“I don’t care if there are dogs present in your game setting, your loud barking is disturbing my customers. Please keep it down.”

And yes, I got a dirty look from the person for my trouble, since apparently I’m the jerk.

Hey, a 3-D Superman screensaver, for free! Superman flies through the Metropolis cityscape while your choice of Superman theme songs plays in the background. Available for Windows and Mac.

Here’s an similar screensaver featuring Spider-Man from the same site.

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