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For my most recent column for Comic Book Galaxy, I discussed people who came to our store with the apparent purpose of making us miserable.

Well, I found this commentary on my article, and nicely expounds on the issues I brought forth. Go, read.

MATT DRUDGE IN “CAN’T SPELL ‘SPIDER-MAN'” SHOCKER. (“spoiler,” if it still can be considered as such, in image)

At the store, a couple days ago:

Employee Aaron: “Where should I file the Family Guy comics?”

Me: “Well, you could put them with the Simpsons books.”

Aaron: “Oh damn….!”

File under “horn, tooting of one’s own:” So on Thursday, we had a young woman looking for a copy of a particular DC Comics trade paperback. Alas, we’d run through all our copies, and our reorder had not yet arrived. I did have a copy of the large slipcased hardcover “Absolute” edition of the very same book, which the woman liked even better than the plain ol’ softcover.

She bought it, and mentioned that, while the book was great, it was going to cost a lot to ship to her fiance, for whom it was a gift.

Well, where does he live, I ask, and which she replies with the name of one of the southern states.

Can’t you ship that book by media mail? It should be pretty cheap that way, I suggest. She didn’t understand what exactly I meant by that, which is okay…it seems like I live at the post office, what with all the mail order our store does, so I’m not going to be too hard on her for not knowing as much about the different mailing services as I do.

Since I happened to be in the middle of packing up mail order for the store, I whipped out one of the priority mail flat rate boxes, telling her it would only cost $8.10 to ship the book in one of these. Here, take it, I’ve got plenty of them, I tell her.

Wow, thanks, sez she, and asks where the post office is. I give her directions, at which point she says she’s just going to seal the book into the box and take it to the post office right away.

Whoa, I exclaim, hold on there, that box is quite a bit larger than the book, so the book’s just going to rattle around in there…do you want some packing material?

Before she can answer, I just say, here, give me the box and the book, at which point I proceed to pack the book up for her, sealing up the box and making it ready for the tender mercies of the postal service.

So there you go…Mike giving the customers the full service treatment. Ooh, yeah. That’s the kind of quality customer relations I deliver.

Yes, I just told a story about packing a book into a box. Every day is a new adventure.

Inspired by the greatness that is Composite Superman, here is a very rough sketch of Composite Swamp Thing (half Swampy, half Man-Thing), which I doodled out right quick at work yesterday:

I think there are some possibilities here…one of which is “art lessons.”

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