A brief follow-up.

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Okay, maybe in retrospect I shouldn’t have gone with the “packing a book for a customer” story in the last post. It amused me at the time, since I could just see a disaster waiting to happen to that book in transit, but I guess it’s a “you had to be there” moment.

But I did want to give an example of the kind of customer service that we try to provide, to counterbalance the tales I usually relate here of our smart-aleckiness, or of things at the shop going awry, or of “customers” mistreating us…not to mention just trying to counter the usual stereotype of the slovenly comic store clerk more interested in sitting on his butt, eating and watching television and/or reading the new X-Men than helping his own clientele.*

I don’t toot the store’s horn an awful lot on this site, but hey, our store has been in business for 26 years…we must be doing something right. Not saying we’re perfect…there are plenty of things that could use some improvement, but at least we’re trying.

And contrary to what this anonymous commenter implied, we don’t help just the “cute” people. If that were true, I never would have helped Employees Nathan and Aaron back when they were customers. (bada-bing!)

In happier news…my favorite comic news source, the Unsinkable Tom Spurgeon, points us to this article with details about DC Comics’ forthcoming Snakes on a Plane comic book. Fantastic. I’m assuming it’s an adaptation, and not, say, a prequel (“Who are these snakes? Where do they come from? What dark compulsions drive them?”).

Please let there be photo covers on these. Please.

* Says the guy who spent his break on new comics day setting up a couple photographs for his website.

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