Dipping into this well yet again.

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So I bet you’re wondering where the Official William Shatner Website Forum stands on the whole gay superhero thing. Well, wonder no more, effendi:

“A gay Superman and other annoyances”

“Jay Leno mentioned in his monologue tonite that in the upcoming “Superman Returns” that our new Superman comes across as gay. Just what the world needs today, a gay Superman.”

“Why can’t gay folks create their own heros? This is not an attack, but a genuine question. I am sure that there are plenty of historical role models who were gay. Why not choose one of them to immortalize in the comics?”

“From what I read, it’s not that they made Superman gay (unlike Batwoman who’s history they’re rewriting to make her a lesbian) but rather bad acting and writing makes him SEEM gay.”

“I thought Superman was already gay.
Just look at his choice of outfit.”

“It’s axiomatic that a guy with the power of flight is going to be light in the loafers but I’ll wait to watch the DVD before I pass judgement.”

I believe this person is trying to make a point of some kind:

“I’m trying really hard to be gay cuz I think it’ll be really cool and fun. I like girls, but I think they’ll understand if I decide to be brokeback for a while. I can’t wait! This will be the thrill of a lifetime!”

The James Randi Educational Foundation Forum has some thoughts on the matter as well:

“Twenty plus years of Vertigo, the Watchmen, Maus, Strangers in Paradise, and the rest, but somehow this the mainstream media waits for this very tepid bit to make a big deal about?”

“I think you’re missing one crucial piece of the puzzle:

“‘Originally Posted by CNN.com article:
(DC Comics, like CNN, is a division of Time Warner.)'”

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