Read the explanation before you get mad at me.

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So, Saturday at the store, we laughed at a customer because he had cancer.

Perhaps I should explain that.

Customer Rob was talking to Employee Aaron about his enjoyment of the current Jonah Hex series. At one point in the conversation, Rob asked if Aaron had read the previous Vertigo Jonah Hex series. Aaron replied in the negative, and Rob mentioned that one of his favorite parts of those series was Hex’s flippant replies to questions about his hideously-scarred face:

“Jonah, what happened to your face?”

“Cut myself shaving.”


“Jonah, how’d you get your scars?”

“Bit my lip.”

You know, like that.

Anyway, after saying that, Rob pulled up his shirt slightly, revealing a long operation scar, and stated that he should use responses similar to Hex’s when people inquire about his scar.

Aaron then asked, “So, how did you get that scar?”

Rob: “Cancer operation.”

Aaron (thinking that was a Hex-esque response): “Oh…ha ha!”

Rob: “Um…no, really, it was a cancer operation.”

Aaron: “…”

And of course me, being Mr. Sensitive, immediately jumped in and made things worse for my minion by exclaiming in mock shock: “Aaron! You didn’t just laugh at a customer for having cancer, did you?” There was then much merriment had by all, poking fun at Aaron’s mortification, and Rob was laughing harder than any of us.

Anyway, I should emphasize that 1) Rob has been a good customer of ours for many years, 2) he wasn’t offended by this incident in the slightest, 3) he’s been thankfully cancer-free since his operation, and 4) he reads this site, and gave permission to relate this story. (In fact, if anything he gives me grief for not mentioning him more often…so there you go, Rob, a whole entry just about you!)

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