On the eBay.

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…said that these History Channel “Digging for Truth” comics were “recalled?” A quick Google search didn’t turn anything up on it, and given we still have about one gazillion of these at the store, clearly word of any recall never reached us. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, just that it was news to me.

However, that’s not the reason I’m pointing out this auction. The reason is that this seller managed to get $1.99 for it. That’s quite tempting. Quite tempting, indeed.

…the hell?

Here is a 1 ounce .999 PURE silver ingot picturing Garfield. Proof condition.”

…will these Marvel trading card holograms ever be in demand again? Heck, when will Marvel trading cards period be in demand again? It’s hard to believe, but we used to be able to sell sealed box after sealed box of Marvel cards. People used to think nothing of buying a whole box of, say, “Marvel Masterpieces” as an impulse buy, along with that week’s comics. And chase cards like the Silver Surfer hologram I linked to were red hot…if I told people then that years from now, these cards wouldn’t sell for a penny, they’d think I was nuts.

Nowadays my primary business with Marvel cards usually involves people trying to sell their complete sets to us, rather than us moving any sets out.

…in the world is the first printing of Countdown to Infinite Crisis considered “rare?” Because I’ve got a number of copies left I’d love to sell there.

…would anyone want to own a Patrick Stewart “Life Mask?”

“It is life-size, realistic and heavy. It has been mounted with a hook to be hung for display. […] It was hung in my nephew’s room but it freaked him out at night so was stored until this auction. The detail is so life-like, especially with the proper lighting. It looks as though he is getting ready for a Psioninc mental attack!”

Geez, could you blame the nephew?

…in God’s name did Star Wars: Legacy #0, currently selling for a quarter in every comic book store across the country, manage to sell for $19.31 in this auction? Was it just panic-buying before the comic’s actual release? Did the bidder think he/she was getting something else? Did the bidder think that he/she had to pay for using all the desktop pictures that 90% of the auction text links to?

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