"Not only can she steal a million, she also looks like one."

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The Comic Reader #46 (February 1966) – art by Alan Hutchinson

Some of the featured news items (all spellings are as they appear in the magazine):

“BATTLING BEINGS OF MARVEL. You’ll find Sgt. Fury blowing up half of Italy with a young Italian girl helping. And soon there will be a traitor in the ranks of the Howling Commandos. Iron Man defeats Ultimo only to come back to battle the U.S.A. itself. And Captain America finally meets Nick Fury. The Behemoth won’t keep Submariner busy very long because there are other dangers to overcome waiting for him.”

“THE SAGAS OF SCHWARTZ. How does a man fight a mask? It’s all part of the puzzle that faces the Atom when he selects sides to battle The Man In The Iron Mask. And if one Green Lantern can’t solve a problem, you can always call up another. The GL’s of Earths 1 and 2 meet again to battle Prince Peril’s Power Play. Horrendous Horrors challenge the Flash when he enters the Corridor of Chills. CAW creeps again and the Winged Wonders find themselves trying to gain possession of the Treasure of the Talking Head. And you will find most of them teamed-up in the pages of the Justice League where they face the Shaggy Man and come a hair’s breathe away from defeat.”

“MENACES FOR THE MASKED MANHUNTER! Shades of the Thorn! Batman finds himself facing an itchy problem when he meets a new female villain, Poison Ivy. Not only can she steal a million, she also looks like one. And in Batman for that month, he gains a power that turns the underworld inside out. It is all part of Batman’s Crime Hunt A-Go-Go!”

“MARVEL MAYHEM. Stan’s stories get wilder and wilder. Spidey faces robots galore in a book entitled Once Upon a Time There Was A Robot! The X-Men find themselves in the West where Lucifer uses robots to battle them and the provessor. And somewhere in Earth a few thousand miles away the Hulk finds his hands full of Tyrannus and the minions of the Mole Man.”

“COMIC FANDOM IN TOYLAND. Loads of toys are being planned for the market that will be based on Comic Heroes. There probably will be a BATMAN villains kit with masks the kids will wear to look like the Joker and other foes of Batty. It also looks like you’ll be able to print up your own copies of The Daily Planet when the Clark Kent Newspaper Kit reaches the stores. Aurora of course is releasing the Wonder Woman kit now and they are working on four figures from the Marvel line. They had tentatively chosen Spidey, Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America. I don’t know when they will be on sale but you can start looking around sometime in the Summer. Right now you can buy a number of items based on DC’s big two. Ideal is selling hand puppets of Batman and Superman at $1.00. Hasbro has a flying Superman selling for $1.00 also. Superman also appears in a colorform kit and you can create two pictures of Supey in the new Stardust series.”

“SEIGAL AND SHUSTER AND SUPERMAN. The full rights return into the hands of the creators sometime in the late Spring. National is waiting to see what the pair will ask of them and how they will want their brain child treated in the future.”

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