"Jest as cute, an’ jest as lovable!"

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Li’l Abner looks on as Unwashable Jones interacts with some Shmoos (or “Shmoon”):

This was the strip from the side of the box for the recently-released Dark Horse vinyl Shmoo figure. Al Capp was a profoundly strange person, wasn’t he?

Denis Kitchen tells you all about Shmoos, with a nice pic of lots of Shmoo merchandise.

Mr. Kitchen also has a Shmoo button for sale.

The official L’il Abner site has a Shmoo profile as well, with a couple disturbing pictures. (Are there any non-disturbing pictures of the Shmoo?)

Episode guides for The New Shmoo cartoon from the Fred and Barney Meet the Shmoo TV show.

From this page comes this animation cel from the Fred and Barney Meet the Shmoo bumpers:

The Shmoo was also a trainee cop paired with Fred and Barney on Bedrock Cops. Yes, Bedrock Cops. Kids will watch damn near anything.

Shmoo salt & pepper shakers.

This page has a pic of a couple Shmoo clocks, if you scroll down a tad. And EVERYTHING’S ANIMATED.


The Visible Shmoo. (I always pictured the Shmoo as being gel-filled, rather than having a skeletal structure.)

A photo gallery from the MoCCA “Shmoo Schmooze” — a launch party for the book The Short Life and Happy Times of the Shmoo. (Get the book cheap from Bud Plant.)

It’s not on the interweb, near as I can tell, but issue #147 of The Comics Journal (from Dec. ’91) had an essay by Martin Williams called “The Hidden World of ‘Li’l Abner,” which discussed the hidden (and not-so-hidden) sexual content of Al Capp’s strips…including the phallic imagery of the Shmoos.

Al Capp’s Shmoo #1.

“‘The Shmoo Sings’ Vintage Children’s Record” – it’s an auction on the eBay, so I’m saving the pic here for posterity:

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