Blogging about blogging is a sin.

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So it only took Tom Spurgeon doing 78 of his “Five for Friday” columns for me to finally get off my duff and contribute an entry to one of them…I’m in the latest one, “Name Your Favorite Sound Effects.” Yes, I manage to squeeze in a Swamp Thing sound effect, in case you were wondering.

Er, sorry about yesterday’s postpal Sean, Employee Nathan, and I were goofing on the Smurf life cycle topic a while back, and I’d forgotten about it until last Thursday, when pal Corey and I got into an unrelated Smurf debate (“Smurfolution versus Intelligent Smurfing”). So, anyway, I thought I’d share that with you.

Man, Smurfs come up an awful lot in conversation at the store. Nearly as often as Robocop does.

I am inordinately proud of introducing the phrase “Smurf-blown corpse” to the internet, however.

Pal Dorian may be one of my best friends ‘n’ all, but he’s gonna pay for this, oh yes.

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