Cheery ol’ me.

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Someone at the store: “I read in the newspaper today that comic book sales are up 15%!”

Me: “Yeah, but around ten years ago they fell about 1000%.”

(I suspect the percentages on both sides of this exchange are of the “pulled out of our butts” variety, but you get the idea.)

Also, for the first time in the nearly 2 1/2 years of doing this weblog, I got a note from my webhoster telling me that I’m using an unusual amount of bandwidth for this site. I’m hoping it’s just the combination of the increased traffic I’ve been getting lately, along with the large amount of images I’ve been posting. There had better not be any shenanigans afoot.

Something I saw on the eBay today, while researching something at work (yes, I was really researching something, shut up): a set of the mid-’80s Man of Steel mini-series…wait, let me amend that, an incomplete set of the Man of Steel mini-series, missing #4. Minimum bid: $50. Shipping fees, for priority mail: $18.80. Shockingly, there were no bids.

A while back I spotted someone trying to sell a run of Infinity Crusade for $50. Hey, it just takes that one guy who has to have it right this second, I guess.

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