"…Joker does not die unless his joker card is destroyed"

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“V versus The Joker”

“Two people heavy on insanity. V uses his to help other people and society, but nonetheless operates on a different mental level than others. Joker – what else can you say?
Both are great at bold, complicated plans no regular person would try.
Who is standing at the end?”

“is there prep?”

“no prep.”

“If their is no prep joker will lose badly. V owns.”

“V obviously in a straight fight. I would love to see them have a conversation though.”

“im gonna say joker cause no way he will put up a stright fight and i dont know for sure about v but joker does not die unless his joker card is destroyed”

“V is like a low level deathstroke- Has strength,speed,endurance,healing,and brain power to put him on meta-human stage.”

“they both laugh at eachother when they first meet at how insane they are and then V guts him with a knife.”

“V is like Batman-lite… hech he is more like Punisher-lite”

“Actually in terms Of V. Remember he lives in a hitler like society where he can barely get his hands on anything. Not every hero has billions of dollars to get equipment.”

“you never know for all you know when V does that hand thing you find out it was one of jokers guys in disguise then a metal card flies into V’s skull from behind hay it might happen you guys cant count the joker out people he once took fear gas to the face from scarecrow it didnt do NOTHING to him and he almost killed the guy with a chair.”

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