Some Tuesday night notes.

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So a while back I mentioned that there was a glitch in the ordering system over there at Twomorrows…for some reason, another person’s order got appended to my account, which made it look like I was trying to mooch two free magazines instead of one from their Free Comic Book Day giveaway.

Well, apparently it was all sorted out, since I got my magazine today (Back Issue #3, if you were wondering). Phew, I was beginning to worry…I kept picturing Twomorrows putting a big banner on their site reading “MIKE STERLING IS A BIG CHEATER-PANTS” if the ordering problem never got addressed.

A thought that occurred to me over the weekend, and never got around to posting…I hadn’t seen any kind of sales bump at the store on X-Men comics during the lead-up to the new movie’s release. I mean, the X-books usually sell fairly well, but I haven’t seen any increased or unusual demand for trades or new issues or anything…aside from the first issue of Wolverine: Origins, which was going to sell well, regardless.

I haven’t seen much increased demand for the Superman comics either, beyond a few extra sales of some of the trade paperbacks DC made available to retailers on a consignment basis (including Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale’s Superman For All Seasons).

Not sure why, unless folks just prefer their superhero action in moving picture form instead of dead trees ‘n’ staples form (which is clearly obvious, given the real money movies make versus the lemonade stand money comics pull in).

I just noticed that I had the wrong date on my X-Men movie review post all day. Sigh.

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