Some shop notes.

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As I’ve referred to previously, young girls (and their parents) continue to pooh-pooh the current Supergirl comic in favor of Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes. It’s hard to imagine any incarnation of the Legion as an entry comic for new readers, but something about this new version is really grabbing the attention of children, at least at our store. Adding Supergirl to the mix (a recognizable, non-scary version of Supergirl) can only help its appeal.

I hate to beat a dead horse (yeah, I know, “since when?”) but that Supergirl comic is such a missed opportunity. What, there weren’t enough anatomically-improbable, appallingly-written and drawn comics starring female characters, which mistake “cheap titillation” for “strong characterization,” that DC had to add to the pile with a title and character that might otherwise have attracted that elusive young girl demographic that’s long since been lost to manga (if they’re reading comics at all)?

Speaking of the new Legion series…this cover design on the first issue (reused on issue #7 and the new ish) is going to be the new version of this cover design, isn’t it?

Pal Dorian looks at Newsarama and DC Comics forum reactions to the revelation that the new Batwoman is “the gay.” Comedy gold ensues.

Which reminds me…I can’t wait for the Marvel site to start up its forums. You thought the DC forums were a carwreck….

No, I haven’t seen the new X-Men movie yet. Though, thanks to one loudmouth from the game store next door, I now know the nature of the surprise post-credits sequence. I really need to start taking my cattle prod to work.

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