"His bird-morphing abilities would definitely amaze and dazzle the audience!"

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From MSNBC: “Readers reveal their favorite ‘X-Men'”

“Nightcrawler. What an amazing cat-like X-Man! You’d want this guy on your team, trust me. My girlfriend, Deb, sometimes even calls me this because of my combination of speed and balance (as if Bear wasn’t good enough for her!). Jeesh. —Bear”

“Mr. Sinister is by far the best. He’s actually Cyclops’ father so that adds a whole new edition. Even more stunning is his ability to morph into any bird, whether it be a parrot/eagle/canary. And last but not least is the undisclosed comic book secret that he is actually Magneto’s fraternal twin. I think it would be great if they brought this evil mutant to life on the big screen. His bird-morphing abilities would definitely amaze and dazzle the audience!”

“Phoenix was and is my favorite character in X-Men. I like to own her power to create and to destroy anything. So that she can protect the world from war. And to destroy any human that harms harmless animals like cats all. Also to make peace in this country!”

“Storm, because she control the weather.”

You can add your own suggestions at the end of page 2 of the article. AND YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO. Show Caliban the love!

MSNBC also has a neat photo guide to the X-movie characters.

Comingsoon.net runs a reasonable, if mixed, review of X-Men: The Last Stand – and these folks don’t care for said review:


“Enough of crappy comments.People can talk shit..just ignore it! It’s X-men and I trust that it’s great!I don’t care what people think..the tastes are different!”

And then there was this comment in the thread, which, um, speaks for itself:

“Iunno why but singer to me was never the right guy for x-men…iunno if u all feel the same way as me,i just feel like he left out too much stuff from the get go…he shoulda had gambit,beast,jubylie(or however u spell it),juggernaut,so on ,so on…it made the x-men franchise so un-well done lollll….i mean look at spider-man,it stayed true to the comic book,no changes…exept for the web out of his hand…..but that put aside its perfect,they shoulda stuck to the original look n original story n original everything n everything woulda been perfect…can u imagine if this x-men movie is the last???beast is only in 1 movie???like come on!!!!!!!!n cyclops was always the leader to me,it was never wolverine..anyways im out i have stuff to do,think about it”

On the eBay: “X-MEN ROGUE SCHOOLGIRL COLOR PINUP ART” – maybe not safe for work.

This is safe for work, but perhaps not SAFE FOR YOUR BRAIN: “Wolverine claws, become your favorite mutant”

“Make your own Wolverine claws

Everything is here for you to look like your favourite mutant. All you need to do is finish them to your liking. As they are in the movies, or a all new idea. Your to create.

The Claws are made of solid Aluminum, the blocks as well, and the wires are made of steel.

What you get in this package is,

6 Claws

2 blocks

6 wires

12 set screws

1 wrench

1 Set of Instructions”

This is actually a pretty clever design, which hides the claws’ base in your closed fist…but I wouldn’t, you know, walk around the mall or try to enter a courthouse with them. But still…fantastic. (EDIT: Ack! The auction! She is cancelled! Now I wish I’d saved more of the images….)

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