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How to start a political flame war on a comic book message board in one easy step:

“Bill Clinton, Lex Luthor, and Adolf Hitler”

“Which do you think was a better leader? I think Lex would be the best, followed by Hitler, and then Clinton taking up the rear.”

“So, does anyone know what Supergirl’s tattoo says?”

“I looked up Kryptonian translations, and the symbol Kara has on her back now kinda looks like the word ‘HOME’ inside the pentagon, but I’m not sure. Anyone else have any other ideas?”

“‘I went to the bottle city of Kandor, and all I got was this lousy tat!'”

“she got a tramp stamp? what’s next, dancing for tips in a kid rock video?”

“A tatoo does not make a girl a tramp.”

“It says I have loose morals and I’m undeserving of wearing the ‘S’.”

“No, greed and intolerance are loose morals (or rather poor morals), getting a tattoo has no moral basis whatsover.”

“Guys, guys, enough alread. It’s not like she got it on her LOWER back. That WOULD have been much hotter though.”

“It is funny that people are so freaked out about what a tattoo says about her morals, but forget about nearly heat-vision-blasting a guy in the FACE! […] I’d tend to avoid people who where prone to lasering people in the face.”

“I’d rather have a friend who lasered people in the face. Tattoos are a sign of easiness. Kara will be getting some soon.”

“its not on the small of her back, its between her shoulder-blades, u wouldn’t even see it unless u got her naked(well, tanktop but i doubt she’ll be drawn with one), its just a tatoo she got to make her feel cool.”

“Kara was not acting embarrassed when she showed herself to the tattooist who is a stranger. She didn’t cover herself as she talked to him. So what does that tell you?”

“And what’s undisputable is that it’s the height of lameness for Supergirl to be getting a tatoo; talk about the most conformist form of a rebellion ever to connect to the hip sensibilities of todays’s readers: the various citizens of the worlds, stunted adolescents, or geezers living in the 60s who find sophistication in moronic posturing in children fantasy characters.”

“Jeeze next you’ll be complaining about the ‘devil’ music youngsters play today and how kids have no respect for there elders. Tattoo’s are part of the modern belief that your body can be shaped to how you desire it. Dieting, Body Building, Yoga, Piercing, Tattooing and Cosmetic Surgery; it’s all part of the same social paradigm.”

“It says ‘Kara Zor-el LITE’. The name’s the same, but it sure leaves a nasty aftertaste in my mouth..lol.”

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