"You guys ever throw anything away?" – Chalk

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No, Chalk, we don’t throw away nearly enough…things get stored away in boxes and forgotten about, until I dig them out and share them here with you, the Progressive Ruin reader.

So, here we go, more shelf-talkers:

This one for the debut of the still-running Robin solo series (from 1993) is a nice-looking item:


The promo image for the 1994 Superman/Milestone crossover series (drawn by Tony Harris) is a very attractive illustration…you can almost feel the giant stone logos smacking into each other:

Generally, 99% of the time you’re not going to see the cool image on the face of the shelf talker, assuming one exists (this one being a Mike Allred illo for Vertigo Visions: The Geek from 1993):

Here’s a good’un from the X-Men Inferno crossover (1988):

The Fall of the Mutants crossover (1987) shelf-talker is somewhat less inspiring:

DC saved some paper by using one shelf-talker for multiple titles, such as the one they did for the series inspired by various TSR gaming properties (from 1988)…you had a general TSR logo:

And one for Gammarauders, which is a title I haven’t thought about…well, probably since it came out:

Here’s a slightly more recent combined shelf-talker (1997)…having the eyes of the characters just poke over the tops of the books is a real attention-grabber:

I used to joke about DC just going on and on and on with their Batman: Year 1 series, and 2, and 3, and 14, and 55…but then Batman Year 100 came out and put an end to that:

Remember when this series (from 1997) was red hot? They even went to at least a second printing on the first issue, as I recall:

I’m trying to remember the last time I sold one of these Shadowline Saga books (from 1988) as a back issue, and aside from selling a bunch as part of our huge bulk stock sale, I can’t think of any:

I do like that static-effect, though.

This last shelf-talker is filled with advice for the retailer:

When the issues of Suspira fly off the shelves, the message “Time to increase orders on the book?” appears as a friendly reminder. And at the bottom of the card, in tiny print, is the note “Please use this header card to highlight the latest Chaos! Comics release. Thanks!” Hey, you’re welcome!

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