Trying something new.

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Over in the sidebar there is something I’m calling “ACAPCWOVCCAOE NEWS,” for the lack of anything else to call it…I wanted some kind of title to set that section off, and that’ll do for now. Anyway, I wanted a little place on my page specifically for link-weblogging…short entries that I didn’t necessarily want or have time to devote a whole post to, kinda like what pal Andy does.

Pal Dorian will also be contributing links, and, should everything work right, the same links will appear on his site as well.

We hope.

Anyway, I’m gonna try it out for a while, since I don’t think my sidebar was quite cluttered enough yet. Let me know what you all think.

By the way, apparently my site was down for an unspecified time early this morning. I blame sunspots.

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