I’m titling this post "Halle Berry’s pants" just to get your attention.

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Hell freezes over, OFFICIAL: Halle Berry open to theoretical Catwoman 2:

“‘I think Catwoman is a great character that maybe wasn’t presented in the right way,’ she said, adding, ‘But when people see it on video they seem to like it. They’re like, ‘It wasn’t as bad as they all said!'”

In honor of this shocking revelation, here’s a picture of one of those trading cards with a piece of a movie costume (in this case, Berry’s pants) embedded within:

That’s a little something from the previously-mentioned eBay auction folder. Yes, that means I once touched something that once touched Halle Berry. I can feel your jealousy from here.

As a comics weblogger, I must note the new DC Comics solicitations, if only to say 1) the new Flash series already has a guest artist; 2) I like this Action Comics cover; 3) missing scenes included in the Infinite Crisis hardcover? You bastards; and 4) I’ll need that Golden Age Atom figure for my JSA action figure set. C’mon Golden Age Johnny Thunder ‘n’ Thunderbolt two-pack!

So what are the chances that we’ll get a 1,200 page compendium of the entire weekly run of 52 when it’s over, like the Complete Bone? (And forgive me for giggling at the headline “Jeff Smith Displays Complete Bone” – I’m 12, apparently.)

Just think – Absolute 52, only…say, $150. A STEAL.

Or maybe a couple volumes of DC Showcase, reprinting them all in black and white.

Most likely…6 or 7 trade paperbacks. Or hardcovers…DC does like the hardcover/softcover publishing plan, nowadays.

This page of Batman microheroes includes a to-scale Giant Penny (as seen in the Batcave). Just wanted to point that out.

The page also has other micro-versions of various Bat-oddities, such as that Bat-genie pictured to the right.

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