The shelves are talking to you.

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A few more goodies from the store vaults…some of the shelf-talker boards that would be placed behind or under the new comics.

This first batch got quite a bit of usage, as you might be able to tell from the images:

Some of you young’uns may not remember a time when Ghost Rider was a popular guest-star in Marvel Comics. Say, does Darkhawk need a sales boost? Well, throw America’s favorite flaming skull-headed antihero into the book, and watch it just fly off the shelves. That second one was for all your X-Men related guest-shots (“In this issue…Caliban!” “YAY!”), and as for the Wolverine one…well, I was showing these to the other guys at the store, and one of my customers commented that nowadays, we’d find more use for a shelf-talker that read “This issue NOT guest-starring Wolverine.” Man, ain’t that the truth.

“Hi, X-Factor!”

For some reason, we had approximately one billion of these Secret Defenders signs. We didn’t order these…they were just sent to us as part of Marvel’s promotion for this title. I don’t recall the Secret Defenders making enough guest-appearances to require using these signs on multiple titles…and I wasn’t about to fill multiple shelf spaces with the same issue of this comic. It is a neat looking card, though.

Now this was a bit peculiar…this could have been used as a generic shelf-talker for any given issue of Electric Warrior, as it was unlikely the customers would ever see anything more of it than the “Shocker of the Month” bit at the very top. That DC decided this series needed the extra push that only a shelf-talker designed for a specific issue could give…well, that was just a little surprising. (Electric Warrior isn’t a bad series, by the way.)

Marvel may have dipped in the “Infinity” well a few too many times, but this first series was fun…and that backer is pretty cool-looking, I think.

I am filled with the urge to color that picture. I don’t know why.

Oh, Good Lord, did we need to use these. Ah, crud, I just realized, I should have used it for comics that tied into that last Secret War series.

This part of the Secret Wars II card was never required. We never sold out of any tie-in. I could probably still put together a full set from our store stock even now.

Um, not that anyone would want one.

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