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Found in an old t-shirt catalog:

You wore this shirt design, didn’t you? ADMIT IT.

I’ll give Marvel’s Civil War series this: it’s a lot easier to explain to the uninitiated than Infinite Crisis.

“What’s Civil War about?”

“There’s a superhero-related disaster that kills a lot of people, which causes the government to step in and attempt to regulate the heroes, which then divides said heroes into two camps…for regulation and against.”

“What’s Infinite Crisis about?”

“Well, when DC’s multiverse was collapsed down to a single universe as a result of Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Superman of Earth-2 and his wife, Lois Lane, the Superboy from Earth-Prime, the son of Lex Luthor from Earth-3 survived, but return to the modern DC universe to….”

“Whoa, hold on, I think my nose is bleeding.”

Pal The Ferrett, inspired by that discussion I found, poses a question of his own: which superhero has the largest…er, manhood?

Ever get the feeling that arguing about comics is like two crocodiles fighting over a rapidly evaporating stagnant pond at the height of an African summer?

Thank goodness for the Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes comic, so that I have at least one Supergirl comic on the stands that young girls would be interested in. Because it sure as heck isn’t the regular series.

And yes, that means I have young girls buying Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes at our store.

The thought occurred to me that Marvel’s Sentry character is similar in some respects to DC’s ’90s character Triumph, in that they were both past superheroes forgotten by the rest of the heroes in their respective universes, and reintroduced into modern continuity…but it looks like Wikipedia beat me to it. Darn, and here I was thinking I was all clever and insightful and stuff.

Via the godfather of comics-weblogging, Neilalien, comes Peanuts characters drawn as Marvel characters. This one is my favorite:

In a similar vein, here is the Battlestar Galactica cast as the Simpsons, which has already been posted on every weblog ever, but there’s the link anyway.

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