Sigh…once again, I apologize in advance.

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Surely the person who started this thread knew it wasn’t going to end well:

“not trying to be gay or anything…. “

“….but has anyone else noticed that on the blue beetle cover #2* his ‘package’ so to speak seems to…. stand out……..”

“It’s okay, most men check out the competion at the gym. Or urinal. Or comic book cover,”

“No I think both of you guys are gay. I don’t check out other ‘men’ at the urinal or at the gym. Non of my male friends check out other ‘men’ at the urinal or the gym. As a matter of fact, the idea to check out any part of another man’s body has never occurred to me. So my guest is you are both gay. Well maybe not the first guy who might have noticed it by accident. That is to say without looking at the cartoon’s package. The second guy who defended the idea of looking at a cartoon and taking a peep at the guy next to you at the urinal. The second guy is gay.”

“don’t believe you and i think you might be gay as you seem very afraid of it.”

“No I never have. I went to catholic school we had a gym locker. I showered next to other guys in school. I never looked at another guys joint. […] The idea of looking comparing or whatever gay term you want to use for checking out a guys package has never been in my head. But, I grew up in Brooklyn N.Y. I guess other parts of the world are naturally more gay.”

“Dude- you are so gay. How much time do you spend thinking about how Not Gay you are? Couple hours a day?”

Okay, back to the topic at hand:

“I think it is a codpiece. I haven’t looked at it myself, but a lot of armor designs have codpieces to protect men’s bits and intimidate the enemy. It is sort of like an athletic supporter with a cup inside of it. It is most likely part of Blue Beetle’s armor/exoskeleton that protects his bits from being kicked or punched.”

“i looked at the cover and the costume is not thin enough bec. i cannot see the 2 balls distinctly bec. i am quite sure there should be”

“Maybe the new Blue Beetle is the new gay character? Or he could be the DC counterpart to Spider-Man who makes people gay by looking at him?”

“i think the gay community can give dc artists some advice on how to draw the bulges on a gay superhero to avoid adding any more art mistakes to the many in infinite crisis 1-7.”

“I have the utmost faith in Phil Jimenez as both artist and consultant when it comes to package design.”


“i just made a topic based on a friends observation because i figured someone would get a laugh out of it, but guess this has turned into the psychology of being gay class, its very odd…..but hey who am i complaining its kinda funny seeing the reactions of evryone on this board”

The final word:

“Frankly, I think you’re ALL gay.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

PLEASE DON’T FEED THE FETISHIST – found while forum-hopping…no link, it’s pretty much just this:

“I was just wondering if anyone can post a scan of supergirl using her frost/super breath if not how about her eye beam?”

* The final printed version covers the area in question.

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