Free Comic Book Day…the bloody aftermath.

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Regarding the Twomorrows free magazine offer (extended through today)…I don’t know if there was a glitch in their system or what, but a fellow in Texas ordered a copy of Back Issue #10 which, somehow, was attached to my billing address (though the fellow’s shipping address in Texas appears as well). Therefore, my account at Twomorrows currently looks like I ordered a second free magazine (which is verboten). I sent an e-mail to their support department indicating that I ordered only one mag, I swear, and hopefully they’ll see that before they see that there are two free mags on my account and cancel them both.

At least, I hope it’s a glitch in the system and not someone deliberately screwing with me, which would make me very unhappy.

Did anyone else doing the free mag thing experience a similar glitch, or was I the lucky one?

As for Free Comic Book Day:

It’s 10:15. The store is filled with kids and their parents. They’re just swarming all over the place. And it’s at that point a regular customer comes in and asks to go through all of our adult comic back issue boxes. It’s not like he announced it to the whole store or anything…he did ask quietly, but as you might imagine, I didn’t particularly want someone perusing the naughty books in full view of everyone. And no, I didn’t have anyplace else to put him. Luckily, by just having him flip through the comics in the boxes without yanking them up for all to see, we managed to keep it fairly discrete, but still, that wasn’t an issue I was expecting to deal with on FCBD.

Otherwise, it was busy most of the day, with the occasional welcome lull…and pal Dorian stopped by midway through the day with sodas and fries for all of us, which was nice of him to do, the ol’ softie.

No problems of note…no “are these the only free comics?” or “I want 50 copies of Superman/Batman…NOW!” or anything like that. Had a few kids acting up (a couple siblings chasing each other around with laser pointers — yeah, that had to stop — and one little kid really throwing a hissy fit for some reason), and a few folks trying to sit on the floor and mooch a free read off the comics we were actually trying to sell (for God’s sake, take the free comics and read those!).

So, alas, no bizarre stories…just people coming in, getting free comics, and the vast majority of them also bought something during their visit, which is a plus. Also, we included discount coupons with all the free books we gave away…which are only good from the 7th through the 31st this month, so the customers will have to come back to the store to use them. Eeeeeeee-vil.

Plus, FCBD gave us an opportunity to give away of a few of those $0.75 Alias comics that, um, haven’t performed up to expectations.

Oh, no, not another Google video:

I kinda like the faux-silent film effect, complete with intertitles and fake film scratches. I also like how they had to censor some of the dirtier graffiti on a wall at one point in the film. However, I don’t like it when people spell “hee hee hee” as “he he he.” IT JUST ISN’T NATURAL.

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