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I am currently having some intermittent e-mail issues. If you have sent e-mail to me in the last day or so, I may not have received it. Please try sending your messages again in the next day or so…hopefully the problems will have resolved by then. Thank you!

I think I’ve got everything sorted…not how I wanted to spend my Sunday evening, I’ll tell you what.

Basically, my ISP stopped accepting e-mails forwarded from my progressiveruin.com and mikesterling.com addresses to my primary ISP address. A call to the company where I registered my domains and managed the e-mail forwards revealed 1) I wasn’t the only person having this problem with my ISP, and 2) the problem was at the ISP’s end, not the registrar’s. A call to the ISP was of no use (“What operating system are you using? Are you using Mac? I’ll transfer you to the Mac department.” “MY OPERATING SYSTEM ISN’T THE PROBLEM.”) so rather than wait until someone there got a clue and figured out something was wrong, I’ve essentially given up on their e-mail system and gone the Gmail route.

It took a while to get all the options set the way I wanted them, and to get a second e-mail program to handle the varying accounts…and I’m sure this is all terribly interesting to you.

The upshot is…I’m about 88% sure I can get e-mail again. So fire away! And if you sent anything to me over the weekend…fire away again!

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