"This page is protected…thrash-style."

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“Night Thrasher has just 72 hours to rescue Chord, gain control of the Taylor Foundation, and grow up.

“Anyone taking any bets?”

“He’s grown up.

“Now it’s time to knock some sense into the rest of the world.”

Night Thrasher on Wikipedia.

Night Thrasher custom figure (and another).

Stats for the Champions RPG, the original Marvel RPG (his Psyche is Incredible!), and a Magic: The Gathering card.

Night Thrasher is discussed (along with the rest of his New Warriors teammates) at this site. “Night Thrasher saves the day while catching some totally radical air.”

Justice, Firestar, and Night Thrasher fan art.

Night Thrasher micro-heroes.

This Myspace person wants to meet Night Thrasher. Oh dear.

“This page is protected.. thrash-style” (WARNING – pop-up)

UPN Pursues ‘Night Thrasher'” (from 2002, so don’t hold your breath).

Found in the Google cache: “Is Night Thrasher gay?”

Dave doesn’t think skating heroes are cool, and Spencer respectfully disagrees.

Nothing to do with the comic book character, far as I can tell, but here’s a wrestler with the same monicker.

And here are a number of horses named after superheroes (“Superheroes of Racing”), including, yes, Night Thrasher.

Night Thrasher apparently plays an important part in today’s release of Civil War #1, Marvel’s latest big event series. Gee, hope nothing bad happens to him.

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