Early Saturday notes.

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“The Eternal Lady Death joins CGC”

“Scoop has just learned that The Lady Death Universe, published through Avatar Press, and CGC collectibles grading company today have announced a deal which makes CGC the official grading service of the Lady Death Universe.”

“The official grading service of the Lady Death Universe.” There’s no part of this that doesn’t hurt my head.

Former employee Kid Chris (see also 1, 2) is back and blogging. HUZZAH! Keep a closer eye on the comment spam this time, youngster.

Some random thoughts as I was sorting out the Free Comic Book Day offerings at work:

  • A few of the contributors to FCBD seem to have missed the point: you’re trying to attract new readers, not drive them away. Woo boy, a couple of these things are downright stinky.
  • A certain indie publisher might want to look into hiring a proofreader that knows a little something about how apostrophes are supposed to be used.
  • So not only are there shit and balls jokes in the Wizard offering, but they’re the same shit and balls jokes from last time, since it’s basically the same book as the one they sent out last year (with some minor revisions in their Top 100 trade paperbacks list).
  • For God’s sake, don’t give Fantagraphics’ Funny Book to kids. Or teens. Or uptight adults.
  • It’s too bad the Star Wars/Conan comic Dark Horse is offering is a flip book…I would have given anything to see Conan fighting clone troopers on a shared cover.
  • So far, the Owly comic looks like the best item for this year’s FCBD. Very charming, very appealing.

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