Go team.

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Anyway, thank you for your responses to my long, rambling post yesterday. I know it was an obvious point I was making, that the hyped “big changes” in event series rarely stick, but one of the side effects of being at a comic shop with a lot of back issues is that you can see all those crossovers and tie-ins and spin-offs and “changes” of past comic company events and just how much of a real impact most of them had. I’m not down on any of these events, really, so long as they’re entertaining (and at least some of them were entertaining).

Anyway, when I have more time (I’m in bit of a time crunch this morning) I’ll get to some direct responses to some of your comments. In the meantime, Bill at Trusty Plinko Stick has further thoughts on the topic, and brings up Stan Lee’s “illusion of change” storytelling strategy that I had mentioned in my post, but edited out. Yes, I actually cut something from my manifesto, hard as it may be to believe.

I’d like to bid a fond farewell to Scott Saavedra’s Comic Book Heaven weblog, as he’s decided to put an end to it. I’ve noted several times before that the print edition of Comic Book Heaven was one of the inspirations for the direction of my site, what with all the looking at oddities of comics past and such. Scott, consider this my vote for the return of the magazine!

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